The new era for innovation. Again

These days, during the Covid19 pandemic we have experienced very hard and heartbreaking moments as individuals and as a society.

I hope you (you and yours, of course… ) are well at the moment you read this.

In this isolation time, I have some time to reflex on my experience and angle to watch the world.

We haven’t closed this episode yet, and it may be with us for a long time. I don’t think it has any divinatory ability to intuit that, following the Covid19 pandemic, we are going to live a new golden age of innovation. Since within the battery of actions that have been activated to try to contain and reduce the effects of the virus, innovation has played a great role and will play a great role in the path of “new normality“.

When we approach innovation or want to develop an innovative attitude within our organization, it is prudent to be careful with the storytelling that constitutes the story of innovation or paraphrasing Luis Perez-Breva as the “history of innovation” in his wonderful book Innovating.

This reflection is important for the promotion since there will be projects in which there are fundamental reasons to innovate and projects in which the innovation responds to instrumental reasons.

This distinction I consider to be key when you want to screen of post-covid players19.

If I have to bet, I think that in the coming months we will see an increase in projects and proposals for the development of innovation, but I think that this forecast is so obvious to everyone that there is nothing valuable in this affirmation.
What makes me more interested is what will be the results in companies, in countries, and ecosystem participants. this is the real question now. And where the magic of the historical moment that we live resides.

Now nobody can preview this. But during the process, there will be an increase in innovation services that I hope will help develop a “new scene”.

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