My process to define my personal learning plan 2023 (New year resolutions II)

Hello. I hope you are well when you are reading this.

As I told you in the previous post, I want to set some goals for the year 2023 regarding what I want to achieve and dedicate how use my time to learn.

A personal learning plan is not a shield against uncertainty ( and I am a believer in the power of serendipity), so I know that planning to some kind of hobby because life always surprises you.

However, after these strange and pandemic years, my body, my mind, and my ego ask me to set goals for this year.

The first step has been to plan the year, set milestones, and set a budget.
All very project manager and all that jazz.

Then I had to set some rules and make decisions.
In 2022, I achieved some diplomas and courses and carried out a personal learning plan with a focus on the digital economy, e-commerce, digital humanities, and classical culture.
What a MIX! And even if it seems disparate, all the dots are connected.

For the design of the learning plan this year I established a series of initial rules.

  1. Bet on programs with quality and value networks.
  2. In prestigious institutions.
  3. With an official title is possible.

Then reflect on the career path. And which photographs I wanted to focus on during this period.
I have greatly enjoyed my professional experiences with wonderful clients and fantastic colleagues who have inspired me and made me grow.

But if I have to encapsulate my themes, I think right now they are:
Innovation Management + Design + Venture Capital.

Obviously, these themes are great containers and I need more focus on specific topics.

  • In Innovation Management: I would like to delve into Innovation Strategy. Methodologies and Management and Working on Cases
  • In Design: this year I want to focus on UX and Product Design, Product Strategy, and Design Culture
  • And in VC: I would like to expand on Portfolio Strategy + Valuation and learn more about the ecosystem in Europe, Spain, and the UK.

I believe these areas of interest help me to develop and increase my skills in Project management, Accounting, and Solving Complex Problems.

And with the previous rules to filter which courses, books, and content to focus on and organize my little free time, in addition to blocking 6 hours a week for study.

I am working on this… coming soon with the plan.

If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know. Thanks.

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